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Our photography workshops are an educational experience to help you improve your photography skills. We offer therefore one-on-one time, personal attention and suggestions to improve your skills. We teach you about camera settings (mode, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO), available light, composition, catching the moment. We also shoot during our workshops to show you our examples as part of the training. The photography workshops come with critique sessions, mostly done halfway and/or at the end of the workshop. It would be handy if you bring a laptop or tablet.
If you don’t have a decent camera (one you can adjust settings) you can borrow our Nikon DSLR for free and if you’re new to photography the camera is a perfect entry-level one.

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3 days 23-26 october 2019
all year round






all year round
2 days 19-21 december 2019



3 days 7-10 november 2019
3 days 4-7 december 2019







"Come and see why so many friends come
back to our photo tours and workshops, again and again…"

Difference Maker

The difference for me and my wife between a good trip to SE Asia and a GREAT trip is Eric D Vries. We have now attended photo tours with him to Siem Reap, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Hanoi. As a teacher myself, I can say that some can teach, and others while good at their area of expertise, simply can't . Eric can teach. He serves as our photography mentor, part-time tour guide, and upbeat attitude coach. We have now spent about a dozen days with Eric, and every one has been a blast. On top of his being a superb photographer and mentor, I find his fees very fair. My favorite vacation days are consistently the ones I spend with Eric.

Highly Recommended!

We did a full day photography tour and workshop with Eric at Angkor Wat, including sunrise at Angkor, the colours of Preah Khan, the faces of The Bayon, the famous tree roots of Ta Prohm, and details of the Leper King Terrace. Eric is a genius and a gentleman. What he doesn't know about photography and the temples is not worth knowing! I could have spent a month with him and not have been bored for a single second! The knowledge we've gained from this experience is a lifetime gift. Eric keeps things simple - there are key camera settings that require tweaking - but after a bit of practice, it just becomes second-nature. He has a high focus on quality over quantity, and taught us how to get the right shot using our camera instead of wasting hours editing after the fact. He encourages creativity, challenges you to think about composition, and provides constructive feedback to help you improve. His local knowledge is second-to-none. You could spend a week roaming around Angkor Wat and not discover the hidden places that Eric took us to! We learned key skills in different temples, and in the afternoon, Eric took us to a temple off the beaten track and tasked us with capturing three images. We were literally the only people there and had free reign - no tourists getting in the way and ruining our shots! This was one of the best days we've ever had whilst travelling and highly recommend Eric to all...

Prior to my day with Eric, I will admit I was very apprehensive and nervous being the novice "auto" shooter that I was. I have a camera on auto and that was all I worked. Eric turned me into a Manual Setting kind of gal. His approach to teaching, his techniques, his personality, his day planned to perfection has made me want to practice exactly what he preached in a very unpreachy way.....does that make any sense? All his prior reviews ring true. Thanks Eric for being the photo guru......

Hong Kong Photography Tour
I did a Hong Kong Photo tour with Eric de Vries in October 2016. I know Eric from a prior photo tour in Cambodia so I knew this one would be just perfect. And it was. We explored the city and saw places hardly any tourist sees. Some really well hidden gems like an abandoned fisherman´ village or hardly known rooftops, but then also the classic places. Eric teaches street photography, working on your composition and, if needed, Lightroom. But certainly, the target is to get the picture perfect in the camera. I am sure you will enjoy a tour with Eric because it will improve your (street) photography, because then also you will get to know Hong Kong in a unique way. I highly recommend the tour - a true five out of five stars experience!

Great workshop, I wish I had more days scheduled with him
A fantastic photography workshop, it was just Eric and myself. His coaching and explanations while we were looking at temples made such a huge impact on how I look at travel photography. Quality over quantity, he encouraged creativity, was great at making my camera understandable and giving helpful reminders of how to get the most from my photos. I will for sure return to Cambodia and will book more time to learn about photography from him

Wonderful experience!
As an advanced amateur photographer who wanted to visit Angkor Wat and the the temples of Siem Reap area, I and my wife signed on to Eric's three day program. We received more than we expected. Of course we visited and photographed the temples.We also visited the countryside villages, markets and monasteries -getting a real "behind-the-scenes" view of life in Calmbodia. Photographing people is a favorite of mine and Eric really gave pointers on techniques to improve my skills in that area. This "tour" was like a class that not only taught me new photo skills but critiqued me just enough to allow me to improve, with the correct balance of praise versus constructive assessments. My wife, who is not into photography, was also thrilled with our tour with Eric and the special places he took us to. Eric is easy to get along with and a very skilled photographer. I would totally recommentd his tour as a unique and special way to tour Cambodia.

A great photography tour with Eric
We spent 3 great days with Eric in Siem Reap on a comprehensive photography tour covering the temples, villages and countryside. I definitely feel that my photography skills have improved a lot, he made me think about light and shadows, and street photography in a completely new way. I would wholeheartedly recommend Eric's tour to anyone who loves photography and wants to take his/her skills to a new level.

Hong Kong Photo Workshop
Just finished a 5 day Photo Workshop with Eric in Hong Kong. It was excellent. Eric was great with the photography instruction and knows Hong Kong well. We went to all his locations and went to more than a few that I wanted to explore. This was my second time using Eric's services. Took his Angkor and Countryside workshops years ago. Eric is great with a camera whether digital or film and knows the angles, light and what is possible and what is not with a camera. You will learn a lot from him. Thanks!

Another amazing experience
After having such a great time last year with Eric I decided to book again . This time we went to Banteay Chmmar , Battambang and Pailin . A year has gone nowhere and I still consider myself a novice and again Eric was such a great teacher . Showing me new techniques and encouraging me to be creative . The difference this time we decided to try street photography in Battambang and Pailin . I must admit I was nervous and again Eric encouraged me to just lighten up and go for it . I found my confidence and before I knew it I was interacting with the lovely people of Pailin . It was such a good experience . Something I will not forget . Eric is a great teacher and really knows his skill . He is great with people and very easy going but at the same time pushes you to shoot . I totally recommend Eric to both both novices and experts alike .

Must do if you want the photos of a lifetime
I got the pleasure of spending a day with Eric doing a photo tour and have come back with photos that will last a lifetime and are seriously capable of going into a high gloss photography magazine. The amount I learned from Eric cannot be underestimated. He taught me more than I could have ever imagined and I’ve been able use those skills ever since. I’m really grateful to have had the time to spend with Eric and if you want to come home from a trip in Siem Reap with photos that will only ever bring a smile to your face, book in now. You won’t regret it. My only regret was that I didn’t have time to spend more than one day with Eric!

Amazing Photo Workshop with Eric
If photography is your interest, you will not go wrong taking a workshop with Eric. I took the day tour starting with the Angkor Wat sunrise. Throughout the day, Eric challenged me to improve my compositions (no small task!) and taught me a lot more about using the various settings on my camera. He is an amazing instructor and this is one of the best workshops I have taken. He is patient, instructive and does it all with a sense of humor. I doubt I would have any decent images of Angkor without this tour. I highly recommend him!

The highlight of our first Asia trip.
My husband and I booked Eric for a 3-day photography course in Hong Kong during our long and planned stopover before heading for Vietnam. He picked us up at our hotel for a street photography morning in Kowloon. Although we're average shooters Eric showed us how to get the 'decisive moment'. We never did anything like street photography so it was a blast! He is very patient and knows the city well showing lots of city's highlights, the busy markets, a boat trip, the subway, the buildings. We improved our photography skills a lot. Thanks, Eric, you're the best!

Photography workshop with Eric d Vries
We booked one day at the temples and one day country site to learn more about real photography and not shooting on automatic. Eric proved to be a great instructor and ingrained the basics very quickly by his credo "closer and darker" that contributed to better results instantly. Besides that he could tell a lot about the history and the Khmer people whereas he lives there already over 10 years. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun, also very important. See our shots on Instagram under 'rienenjokemooolhuizen' if you are not yet convinced.

What a perfect day!
I found Eric´s tour and workshop here on TA and I am so glad that I did! Being an amatour/hobby photographer I booked my first phototour ever wanting a great tour around Angkor with a professional photographer who could show and teach me more about photography in the middle of a great wonder - the Angkor complex! Had a full day tour - Eric picked us up at 5:00am heading for sunrise at Angkor Wat. During our day we also visited Preah Khan, the Terrace of the Leper King, the Bayon temple and a great photoshoot with monks at Prasat Kleang. Eric knows the complex very well and picked the perfect timing for visiting the different temples. I was very glad that he took us to places less crowded and with few other tourists, making the photo opportunities even better and I could take my time.. Eric was a great teacher - pointing out great objects, creative compositions - thought me to work with the elements, the light and made me thinking in new ways choosing my photo objects. And not to forget - he was very patient with me - thank you Eric, you´re the best! We had a great lunch in the middle of the day and cold water was provided for on a very hot day. We returned to our hotel around 4:00 pm after a great day out! Looking back on that day and at my photos - going on the photo tour with Eric was dollars very well spent! "Make it darker" has been ringing in my head since this day - AKON Eric! A day I will remember forever! Highly recommended, you will not regret it!

My Favorite
My day with Eric and his photography tour was probably my favorite vacation day ever. Why? Because Eric is: talented, organized, funny, and insightful. He walked into our hotel to pick us up for the tour and immediately noticed that I had just used the flash on my camera...a no-no for a street photographer. And then it was uphill from there...a day of pure enjoyment. He had all our locations and transportation to them totally organized. He took us to a small village and its market that we would never have seen on our own...where the people there were familiar enough with him to allow us to photograph them. Another example of his planning and attention to detail was his taking us to an empty pagoda where he closed every window but one which then let in a stream of light that fell directly onto the face of a statue which we could then photograph. Later, after providing us with a terrific lunch he led us down a river to a remote floating village- another great target to shoot with our cameras. As a teacher ( as I am myself) Eric is top- notch, offering criticism and praise; and he can take it as well as dish it out. Lastly, I must say that Eric created a monster....he converted my wife from a novice to now a passionate photographer. Eric, you're the best!

I spent a day with Eric at the Temple Complex and I am so grateful I did. He mentored me to take some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken (I have been a photographer for 37 years) and as a result, he has rejuvenated my interest in still photography. We spent a total of nine hours in Eric's company but it was so much fun that it felt like it was over too quick. Eric is a great tutor, polite, helpful and with a great sense of humour. I rarely write reviews on Tripadvisor but when I discover something as good as this, I feel it is worth sharing with others. Highly recommended.

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