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The Great Outdoors
revisited series of American Landscapes I did in the 90s, re-scanned, re-selected and re-edited, inspired by the works of Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Stephen Shore, Henry Wessel and The New Topographics Movement.

(The book will be published 21 october 2018)

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At the moment I'm selecting images from my archive to re-edit and also working on new stuff
shot recently both digital as analog. On this page I'll keep you updated about the progress of
the series the coming months. Most of the photographs are taken during the photography
workshops over the years and on some trips abroad. Although still work in progress there are
already contacts for a possible exhibition in Hong Kong in 2019.

Free downloads of THE MONOCHROME SET editions

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The Rain Gently Falls (Paris 2018)

Sunday morning ... The rain gently falls from the gray sky when I walk the cobblestones at the largest cemetery in Paris. It is still early but I am not the only one. After 10 minutes walking I find the grave of The Doors frontman, half hidden behind 'houses of the dead'.

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Unfinished Realities (new series)

New series I'm working on at the moment about the changing of landscape in my hometown Siem Reap. New developements are on-going mostly with Chinese or Korean money.

The series will be shot on Ilford Delta 100 film using a Mamiya medium format camera.

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Lost in Suburban Winds

Black and white photographs of Hong Kong shot during the street photography workshops (2013-2017)
The title is based on the experience of dealing with the typhoon Haima in October 2016 while running a workshop. Schools and offices were closed, hardly no public transport and serious warnings from the local authorities to stay in. And we walked the streets...

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Khmer Land (2015)

A collection of monochrome photographs mostly from the last 2 years taken during photo tours and workshops with clients from every corner of the world. A collection of photos of ancient temples, the Khmer people in the cities and in the countryside and scenic spots around the country.

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Quiet Life : Stills

A collection of stills taken throughout the years while running photo tours and workshops in Southeast Asia. I started with this series with only black and white images but it's slowly changing with more colour photographs. The photos on this page will be updated regurlarly as it is an ongoing collection

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East of the Blind Curtains

A rural area on the outskirts of Siem Reap town close to the road to the Angkor temples where millions of foreign visitors yearly pass by in tourbuses and tuktuks. After a 8 years period of photographing this area with its lovely but poor people the series and so this project come to an end with a selection of 20 images on this webpage and a forthcoming book in the make containing over 100 pictures all dedicated to the locals in this part of town along the Siem Reap river...

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Eric d Vries : Portraits

A collection of portraits taken throughout the years . Some were commissioned

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The soft rains of Paris

It’s third day of my stay in Paris having a coffee at Cafe de Flore at Boulevard Saint-Germain while writing this little intro. Cafe de Flore, a legendary bar / cafe where artists and photographers met in the late 50s.

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