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3 days photography workshop / 7-10 NOVEMBER 2019

  Tokyo, originally a small fishing village in the late twelfth century, became the capital of Japan after the Emperor Meiji moved from Kyoto in 1868. Nowadays Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, is ranked most populous metropolitan area in the world with over 38 million people and was named Most Liveable City in the world… (W)


Our 3 days Tokyo Street photography workshops are mostly about street photography. We’ll teach you about composition, light, camera settings and… the moment! But there’s more! Besides walking and exploring the streets of different areas in Tokyo (mostly Shinjuku and Shibuya) we will show you the best 'street' spots...

“Learn how to photograph the moment while exploring the streets of Tokyo. Not only will you learn how to shoot on the streets with more confidence, you will also learn how to choose your best work and post-process your images to create beautiful photographs with impact, photographs that tell a story”

Besides Street Photography we'll also focus on portraits, architecture, sceneries and details. We will be exploring local markets, shrines, urban landscapes, stations, parks, shopping malls and lots more...

Some locations photowalks: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa...

The Tokyo Street Photography Workshop include photo walks, critique sessions, editing session, a night shoot...

The Tokyo Street Photography Workshops are…
for all levels from the beginner, to the serious amateur, professional photographers and enthusiasts who want to make better pictures in the streets.

Got inspired?
Join me on one of the (Street) Photography Workshops in vibrant Tokyo.
Just fill in the contact form on the contact page with your details and date request and Eric will get back to you within 24 hours with availability


7-10 NOVEMBER 2019

november 07 - introduction in the evening
november 08 - photo walks & critique session
november 09 - photo walks, critique session, night shoot
november 10 - photo walk & editing session


3-day photography workshop - 895 USD

instructions / photowalks with professional photographer Eric d Vries, lunches incl critique sessions on all days, editing session on day 3

flights to/from Tokyo, hotel accommodations, personal expenses





We believe that a photography tour and workshop should be about learning, creativity, exploring and becoming part of the landscape and surroundings you are photographing. We are dedicated to providing professional, hands-on training and instruction in the field. Our instructor ratio helps you archieve the best results possible. Our mission is to create workshop experiences that will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you are an advanced photographer, or just started, our workshops and photo tours are designed to help you archieve your goals. Our photo tours and workshops are more than bringing back incredible images, they are about bringing home a memorable adventure. Our high quality (private) photo tours and workshops are for every photographer from beginner to advanced.

My mission is to show you the best spots and locations during your photo tour and workshop, by sharing my experience and my knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and achieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo tours and workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

Terms and Conditions:

Please bring the camera gear you're familiar with. Most of the time we'll be shooting with lenses in the range 24-70 (18-55 crop) If you have questions about the gear-to-bring please don't hesitate to ask. It would be very handy to bring a laptop or tablet for the post-production session using the editing software you're familiar with.

All tours and workshops are not for phone, tablets etc shooters.
If you don't have a decent camera you can borrow the brand new entry-level Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm lens which we got especially for our clients. No extra charges, just bring a SD-card. Let us know if you want this option on your photo tour / workshop.

Participants must be older than 18 or accompanied by a parent.

Non-photography partners are welcome to join. Depending on the workshop we’ll have a special fee for them.

30% deposit of the workshop fee by PayPal after registration. We’ll send you an invoice. If you don’t have PayPal please let us know.
70% of the workshop fee has to be paid a month before the start of the workshop. Again, we’ll send you an invoice.

For any reason you have to cancel to attend the workshop more than a month before the start of the workshop, there will be a refund of your deposit minus PayPal costs. If you have to cancel to attend to workshop within a month before starting the workshop there will be a refund of 50% of the amount you paid.
If for any reasons we have to cancel the workshop within a month before starting the workshop there will be a 100% refund of the cost of the workshop.

We are not responsible for any damage or loss during the workshop so please get yourself decent insurance.

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