eric d vries | photographer

The Shadowed Corner

Green is D Vries’ less favourite colour but there’s a large amount of green in the latest series which are titled ‘The Shadowed Corner’. Although working in black and white for over 30 years he started to work in colour recently. It’s different, he said, colours could make the picture more than the subject we would aim for. But colour could also be distracted in some ways. You don’t have that in b/w photography. In his opinion the colours have to be real, what you see is what you get. He hates overdone vivid coloured images mostly done in editing. Hate the ‘pain in the eyes’ sharpness also, he said, and don’t mess around with colours especially the colour ‘green’. The last couple of months D Vries has been studying the colour works of Stephen Shore, William Eggleston and Saul Leiter not subject wise but for the colour style they use which results in this new series. Feels like going thru your archive with different eyes.

The Shadowed Corner series depict images from mostly the last 2 years in Paris, Hong Kong, Japan and SE Asia with the idea of combining them instead of showing each location separately. All pictures are stand-alone images and not related to the next one not even for its colour. A collection of colour images. Bored of b/w photography while almost everyone is doing it these days was a reason for him to make a change for the new series. He said that his b/w street photography journals will finish by the end of the year and that he will concentrate more on colour street photography from now on. Call it a process, a progression maybe and trying something new. The Shadowed Corner, the title was chosen after reading an article in a house-design magazine about getting the lighting right with a good balance of shadow and light, are a series of almost 100 photographs due to release as a monograph in march 2019 thru his official website. (G. Rossall)


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