eric d vries | photographer



An ongoing minimal photography project inspired by the 70s New Topographic Movement.

The series are a following up from Eric D Vries’ series ‘The Great Outdoors - American Landscapes 93-97’ re-issued last year and shot mainly in SE Asia and Hong Kong. The idea was to go back to minimal less edited photographs in a digital world bombarded with editing apps and overdone post-productions.

The project’s pictures depict structural details and overviews of (abandoned) buildings and landscapes, uncommon items, lines and shapes. Geometry and framing the pictures perfectly for the viewer to use their imagination for a total frame of the scene.

‘Interruption of Common Structures’ is part of a trilogy together with the water towers series and a project showing the changing of landscapes in his hometown (Unfinished Realities) totally shot on medium format film.

numbers / phnom penh 2013

jets / hong kong 2016

green / battambang 2018

high / hong kong 2016

abandoned / phnom penh 2018

12 A/C / hong kong 2016

undercover / phnom penh 2015

windows as windows / bangkok 2018

prohibit / hong kong 2016

leaning / hong kong 2016

the wind that blows / hanoi 2018

no service / siem reap 2018

the great curve / hong kong 2016

moved / paris 2018

the old wall / phnom penh 2018

room / phnom penh 2015

half way / siem reap 2012

window / kep 2013

on the other side / hong kong 2016

choice / hong kong 2018

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