eric d vries | photographer

East of the Blind Curtains

A rural area on the outskirts of Siem Reap town close to the road to the Angkor temples where millions of foreign visitors yearly pass by in tourbuses and tuktuks. After a 8 years period of photographing this area with its lovely but poor people the series and so this project come to an end with a selection of 20 images on this webpage and a forthcoming book in the make containing over 100 pictures all dedicated to the locals in this part of town along the Siem Reap river...

This area is still part of the Ultimate Siem Reap Experience Photo Tour and Workshop

it’s early morning as the village awakes
approximate half of all kids don’t go to school
lunch is over so what is next…
the floods of 2011 hit the village hard
boy with the tattoo
they kept the python for quite a while before releasing it at the temples of Angkor
baby boom in the village
a boy with Syndrome of Down playing with his dog on the dirt road that leads to the village
an old man is sitting in front of his self-made shelter
we share the rollercoasters, don’t we…
a wheelchair for the woman next door
tapped power units protected from the rain / the boy with the (plastic) gun
HIV counselling service on a regular base for the villagers
youth walking the streets late afternoon heading for some karaoke
laundry is done by hand with water from the well
watching the other kids playing
welcome to my house… this is how I live
behind the snacks, waiting for the kids to come

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